Uninstall steps for Crow Canyon HelpDesk Application (V3.7)

Steps to uninstall Crow Canyon HelpDesk V3.7 Application

Applies to: SharePoint OnPremises 2013/2016/SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

Product Version: V3.7

Note: This article applicable for the Crow Canyon Helpdesk applications which are using Forms Manager based applications.

If you are in latest NITRO based application, please refer this article.

Procedure to uninstall Crow Canyon Service Desk application

Detailed Steps:

1. Disable the email address configured in Email Tickets list.

Go to Service desk application –> Site Contents –> Email Tickets list –> List Settings –> disable email address configured in Incoming Email settings of Email Tickets list.

Note: If there are multiple email tickets lists, please disable email address for all those lists.

2. Deactivate all the timer job related site collection features (Crow Canyon Archival timer job, Recurrence timer job, SLA timer job, Reports, Assets Maintenance). 

Refer instructions from this article to activate or deactivate the feature.

Features to be uninstalled

Feature NameFeature Folder Name
Crow Canyon Archival Timer JobCrowCanyon.TimerJobs_CCSArchivalJob
Crow Canyon Recurrence Timer JobCrowCanyon.TimerJobs_CCSRecurrenceJob
Crow Canyon SLA Timer JobCrowCanyon.TimerJobs_CCSSLATimerJobFeature
Crow Canyon Scheduled Reports FeatureCrowCanyon.CalculatedTable_CrowCanyon Scheduled Reports Feature
Crow Canyon Asset MaintenanceCrowCanyon.TimerJobs_CCSAssetsMaintenance
Crow Canyon Workflow ManagerCrowCanyonWorkflowManager

3. Deactivate the below site collection features from site collection settings (Site settings –> go to top level settings –> site collection features).

  • CrowCanyon Calculated Table
  • CrowCanyon Systems Webparts
  • Crow Canyon Advanced Alerts
  • Crow Canyon Advanced Print
  • Crow Canyon Associated Items
  • Crow Canyon Forms Manager
  • Crow Canyon Cross Site Lookup
  • Crow Canyon List Search
  • Crow Canyon URL Actions
  • Crow Canyon Workflow Manager
  • Crow Canyon Calculated Table
  • CCSSRWorkflows
  • Easy Tab Web Parts

4. Remove license of CrowCanyon and Infowise products

  a) Run CrowCanyon Register License Key.exe and delete license key for the site.

5. Retract and Remove all Crow Canyon solutions from solution management of SharePoint Central administration.


Please refer this article http://crowcanyon.info/absolutefm/afmviewfaq.aspx?faqid=310 to retract and remove the solutions

When we are removing the Crow Canyon Forms Manager solution, we need to remove the safe control instance from web.config file from path: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\WebApplication Port

 Take the backup of Web.config file, edit the web.config file and remove the below line and save the file.

<SafeControl Assembly="CrowCanyon.FormsManager, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=6712f91b73fef060" Namespace="CrowCanyon.FormsManager.ListManagerElements" TypeName="*" Safe="True" />


6. Delete the Crow Canyon site/site collection.

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