Crow Canyon Systems, Inc., was founded in 1999 with the mission to bring efficient, cost-effective help desk and customer service software to organizations of all types and sizes around the world. Our founders and staff come with extensive experience from many years both as managers and consultants to large and small companies, government, military, and education organizations, as well as non-profits.

We are based in the San Francisco Bay area, home to Silicon Valley, the world’s leading technology hub. Our team is made up of seasoned software professionals and technology staff certified in Microsoft technologies.

Our goal is to help your organization achieve its goals and succeed, whether that is better service, higher profits, providing more opportunities, making someone’s life easier, or whatever other way you define success! We are focused on making your service and support organization as productive and responsive as possible, thereby enabling you to improve and sustain employee and customer satisfaction. Your support environment may be complex and expensive, but our support productivity tools are not. We provide an integrated, modular set of applications from which you can pick and choose the best solution for your organization.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple and cost-effective by leveraging your existing IT infrastructure, rather than requiring new hardware and technologies. Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Outlook provide powerful collaboration and communication platforms. Your organization has already made an investment in these technologies. Rather than recreate those functions in a separate platform, as many of our competitors do, Crow Canyon builds upon your existing collaboration platforms to give your help desk and support staff the tools they need to provide excellent support without requiring any additional infrastructure. We create SharePoint and Office 365 applications that are unrivaled in help desk, customer service and accounts service deployment.

Our products are in use at over 5,000 organizations worldwide. Our global customers span across all areas – corporations, non-profits, government, military, education, banking, hospitality, law firms, IT service companies, Internet companies, etc. These are organizations, small, medium, and large, that require robust, cost-effective service desk management for employee and customer support.