NITRO Studio Version to Release Notes

General updates The latest updates to NITRO Studio encompass a number of small changes to help make life easier. There are new options to toggle settings on and off (e.g. the NITRO List View Settings button that was showing by default, can now be hidden). NITRO Forms were improved to work better when opening documents […]

NITRO Studio Version Release Notes

Just a quick note on version numbers. We went from to There were no version releases in between. NITRO Studio UI The big change this week is the change to the NITRO Studio UI itself! We have moved to a lighter look and feel, updated the header, and moved some links around to […]

NITRO Studio Version and Release Notes

NITRO Reports We continue to improve on our how our reports are shown by adding in more options for configurations. Hiding the chart legend is a big improvement as the legend can get very unwieldy with many options. Also, as per the release in the previous version, you can add labels directly to the chart […]