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AnnouncementsWatch this area for new features and updated functionality with NITRO Studio!13 Topics · 26 PostsLast post: Looping Workflows Released for NIT … · 6 months ago · DavisA
Crow Canyon User Voice (formerly Feature Suggestions)Have a suggestion on a feature in NITRO that you don't see? Add it here! Upvote and comment on ones that you'd like to see, too, so we know how many users would like to see the feature.48 Topics · 125 PostsLast post: Ability to save a Workflow or Cust … · 2 months ago · Prakash Arya
WorkshopsUpcoming live training workshops10 Topics · 10 PostsLast post: NITRO Workshops -- direct link · 2 years ago · Scott Restivo
Forms DesignerDiscuss creating wonderful, useful Forms with NITRO Studio's Forms Designer87 Topics · 298 PostsLast post: Search webpart placed on dark sect … · 2 months ago · supportTeam
Workflow ManagerDiscuss ways to automate business processes55 Topics · 203 PostsLast post: A little confused on why this is h … · 1 week ago · supportTeam
Custom ActionsDiscuss ways to use the Custom Actions tool26 Topics · 90 PostsLast post: Auto fill column with age based on … · 2 months ago · ab_nj_it
NITRO ReportsDiscuss how to configure and use NITRO reports6 Topics · 15 PostsLast post: Use associated item data on a repo … · 1 year ago · supportTeam
Other NITRO QuestionsFor any other questions related to NITRO not covered by Forms, Workflows, Custom Actions, or Reports28 Topics · 79 PostsLast post: How are other companies managing N … · 4 months ago · pf-amalin
BOTSLast post
BOT CommandsDiscuss how to use the NITRO Bot1 Topic · 2 PostsLast post: NITRO Bot Manual Link · 2 years ago · Scott Restivo