NITRO Studio Tutorial Video Series

How to Setup Column Placeholders in NITRO Studio

This video covers the column placeholder feature in Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio. It makes the Forms Designer more fluid and easy to use and shows you how to display column values within an HTML form control.

How to Setup a Table in NITRO Forms

Table layouts offer more customization and formatting capabilities within a NITRO form. In this video we cover how to utilize our table feature.

How to Setup E-Signature in NITRO Forms

Need the ability to draw out a signature within a digital form? In this video we show you exactly how to accomplish that in a NITRO form.

How to Install NITRO Studio

NITRO 101: In our first training video of the Introduction to NITRO Studio series, we cover how to install and setup NITRO Studio in the Office 365 environment. Listen as James Restivo walks you through the SharePoint store and explains how to activate your site.

How to Setup List ID Column in NITRO Studio

Custom ID columns are very useful with creation of new SharePoint list items. In this video we show you how to easily use NITRO’s ID Column utility to create custom item IDs.

How to Setup Linked Items in NITRO Studio

Pulling in data from other columns in associated SharePoint lists can often be tricky. The NITRO Linked Items utility makes this process a breeze – watch this video to see how to build out Linked Items and the features available for use.

How to Setup List View in NITRO Studio

In this video we walk you through the capabilities of the NITRO List View web part. NITRO offers new features and greater functionality not available in the standard SharePoint List View webpart.

Introduction to Email Manager in NITRO Studio

When utilizing NITRO Custom Actions or Workflows you are able to send out emails to users based on list item actions. In this video we cover how to quickly build out email templates, configure the email manager, and how to bring in fields into the email content.

How to Setup Teams Messages in NITRO Studio

As Microsoft Teams has quickly become the communication platform standard for many companies NITRO has grown to offer integration within Microsoft Teams. In this video we cover how to build out adaptive cards and automated Teams messages to individuals and/or channels while integrating data you have filled out within NITRO forms.