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NITRO Studio Workshop: Building an Application Portal Using Web Parts

In this workshop, James Restivo walks through how to build up a new portal site from scratch using NITRO Studio. We showcase the Web Parts and how to use them to: — Create a portal for end users to interact with forms — Show them only what they have submitted — Give them access to […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Evolution of NITRO Portals

Learn how to set up a new configurable portal with Crow Canyon’s NITRO Portals. We’ll cover the differences with the original Power Portal and why you might choose one or the other.

Add ‘Main Category’ to filter Category values in NITRO Forms

Applies To SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online Description Usually in our application, we have “Category” and “Issue Type” in the Ticket forms. Here Issue Type values get filtered based on selected Category. In some cases we require an additional filter at the top level to get the Category values filtered. In this article, we will […]

Keyboard based navigation (AODA Compliance feature) in Crow Canyon Portal site

Applies To SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online Description Crow Canyon portal site follows the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) Compliance feature. For example, in Home page when user presses the keyboard “Tab” button, control focus starts from the first actionable/clickable area i.e. site logo (#1 in the screenshot below). After that on every […]

Troubleshooting Portal forms

Applies To Crow Canyon NITRO activated sites in:SharePoint On-Premises 2013/2016/2019 Service Request applications/SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Description This article lists the common issues and fixes that occur in Crow Canyon Portal Forms. Lookup column is not populating any values Logged-in user attributes are not auto-populated in Ticket columns Lookup column is not populating any values […]

Attachments not getting added to the item from the Portal forms – Save Conflict error

Add delay in execution of workflows to eliminate save conflict with portal attachments Applies To: SharePoint Online and SharePoint On Premises Issue: Attachments are not getting added to the item from the portal forms – Save Conflict Error message in the Portal: Error: NotFoundError: A requested file or directory could not be found at the […]

Portal search shows the results as DispForm.aspx

How to eliminate DispForm.aspx in search results of the Portal Search Applies To: SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises Issue: Portal search results shown as DispForm.aspx in the results. See sample screenshot below: Generally, in SharePoint search results, the value present in the Title field will be shown as search results in our Crow Canyon Employee […]

How to update portal page links after upgrading to new designer based forms

Update portal forms and page links for email templates etc. Applies to: SharePoint Online and On-premises Description Crow Canyon Power Portal is getting a major update with new functionality. Portal forms can now be designed with a WYSIWYG editor and have more features. These forms can be opened in a pop-up and major feature of […]