Convert SharePoint classic site to modern site experience

Applies to: SharePoint Online


It is possible to convert a classic SharePoint site to modern experience. It has multiple steps involved and this article has outlined the high level steps. We can assist in converting your classic site to modern site as part of professional services. Please contact for more details.


  1. Switch the default experience of all lists in the classic site to modern
    Refer this article for steps

  2. Publish NITRO Forms in “Modern” form experience.
    • Go to the list that has NITRO Form configured, go to list settings, open “Crow Canyon NITRO Forms”, click “Manage Forms” in ribbon, choose “Modern” under “Form Experience”, click close and then Publish the form.
    • Repeat this for all lists that have the NITRO Forms already configured.
  3. Branding
    • Remove the classic branding and apply modern branding
    • Steps to remove classic branding: Go to Site settings, open “Crow Canyon Branding (Classic sites)”, go to “General Settings”, disable “Crow Canyon Application Administration” and click apply. Next go to “Remove Branding” tab and click on “Revert” button.
    • Steps to apply modern branding: Go to Site settings, open “Crow Canyon Branding (Modern sites)”, configure as needed and save.
  4. Workspaces
    • Any web part page that is configured in the site needs to be recreated as Site Page and reconfigure the components of that page with modern web parts.
    • For example, in Crow Canyon applications like IT/Facilities/Requests Management/etc. classic application sites we have “Workspaces” document library that has different pages configured with list views, reports etc. All these pages need to be recreated.
    • Also, we have another library “Administration”, all the pages in this library also need to be recreated.
  5. Quick Launch/Top Link Bar
    • If there are any classic page URLs used in quick launch/top link bar links, replace them with corresponding modern page URLs.
    • Steps: Go to site settings, open “quick launch”/”Top link bar” (“Navigation” if publishing feature is activated) and reconfigure the links as required.
  6. Portal
    • Leave the current classic potral as it is. Create new modern Portal using Crow Canyon NITRO Studio. Once the modern portal is ready, update the quick launch/top link bar links in main site.
    • Please note that this will require additional license, please contact for additional license.

Disclaimer: Microsoft SharePoint modern experience is not supported for the “Tasks” list type so we have to keep using classic experience for this list type. We have seen some issues like “Title” column shows some strange value in modern view and downloads an invalid file when clicked instead of opening the form.