Clear a list column value in NITRO Forms and Workflows

Applies To

Crow Canyon NITRO activated sites in:
SharePoint Online and On-Premises 2013/2016/2019/SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

Description/SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

This article describes syntax to clear a column value in NITRO Forms, Custom Actions and NITRO Workflows. Same syntax applies to different types of columns like text, number, lookup etc.

Case 1: NITRO Forms ‘Form Event Actions’

In this example, we have configured ‘Form Event Action’ to clear ‘Available Budget’ column value when ‘Department’ column value is set to ‘None’ by the user.

We have used ‘Update Form Controls’ action to clear column value using following options:

  • Value: Configure empty column mapping
  • Format Value using JavaScript:

Use return statement with empty single quotes in the function body to clear the column value using script:

return ”;

Case 2: Crow Canyon Custom Actions and NITRO Workflows

To clear column values in Custom Actions or NITRO Workflows in Add/Update list item actions, use blank value in column mapping: