Configure Text Pattern-Based Validations In NITRO Forms

Applies To:
Crow Canyon NITRO activated sites in:
SharePoint Online and On-Premises 2013/2016/2019


NITRO Forms column validation feature supports several built-in ways to ensure that entered column values follow the required rules. Predefined patterns include validating format for phone number, email, and number. For any custom patterns, regular expression can be used for validation. This article lists sample use cases for regular expression-based validations.

Use Case 1

Configure validation such that specified value in the single line of text column should not have space(s) at the end of line.

In this sample, validation is configured on ‘Employee Name’ column. This is a single line of text column; validation will also work on multiple lines of plain text column.

  1. Navigate to NITRO Forms designer settings.

Go to List -> List Settings -> Crow Canyon NITRO Forms -> Select the required column -> Expand ‘Validations’ section on the right -> Click ‘Add’ button to configure a new validation.

  1. Configure the column validation as shown below:

Note that validation type is ‘Pattern’ and pattern value is ‘Custom’. Regular expression used in ‘Validation Value’ is [^\s]+$

After configuring this validation, publish the NITRO Forms.

Sample Output: