Change logo and rename Crow Canyon NITRO Engage

Applies To: SharePoint Online


This article describes the steps to change the bot logo and also rename Crow Canyon NITRO Engage default name i.e. “NITRO Engage” to the required name. In this example, we are renaming the BOT to “Service Desk BOT”

Detailed Instructions:

1. To modify the bot name and logo, we need to make some changes in ‘’ file.

Go to the location where ‘’ file already saved as part of bot installation. if this file is not available, please contact to get the latest bot package.

2. Extract the ‘’ file and the extracted folder will contains below files.

3. To modify the logo, we need to replace below files with the logos that we want to change.

  • color.png
  • outline.png

Please note that logo file names and format should be same as above and size for each file should be like below:

color.png: 192 x 192

outline.png: 32 x 32

4. Next, edit the ‘manifest.json’ file in notepad and modify the version number and rename the bot needed and save the file.

After modification, the ‘manifest.json’ will be like:

5. After all above changes, select the three files and make it as zip file with name as ‘’

6. Next, go to teams admin center in the browser (URL: -> Expand Teams apps -> Click ‘Manage apps’ -> Search with NITRO under manage apps as shown below and click ‘NITRO Engage’ app

After deleting the app, it will go back to ‘Manage apps’ page, now upload the new package (zip file) that we have prepared in above.

After uploading the package, below message will be shown:

7. Now go to the teams in the browser (URL:, -> Click ellipses to add apps to the teams.

Note: If you not find the bot with latest name then reopen the teams again.

8. This will update the bot logo and change the name from ‘NITRO Engage’ to ‘Service Desk Bot’ as shown below. If you still seeing the old name in the bot, sign out and sign in again to the teams.