Rename Crow Canyon NITRO BOT

Applies To: SharePoint Online


This article describes the steps to rename Crow Canyon NITRO BOT default name i.e. “NITRO BOT” to the required name. In this example, we are renaming the BOT to “ServiceDesk BOT”

Summary of Steps:

  1. Prepare the package
  2. Update the package

Detailed Instructions:

Prepare the package

  1. Open MS Teams, open App Studio shown below

2. Open Manifest editor, click “import an existing app”, select the default NITRO BOT as shown below.

3. Go to App Details and change the required properties as shown below.

In this example, we are only changing the name of the BOT from “NITRO BOT” to “ServiceDesk BOT”. Version change is important, otherwise, we can’t update the latest package in target environment.

4. Go to “Test and distribute” section, click “Download”. We do not need to install/publish this in the development environment.

Update the package

5. Open Microsoft Teams that has “NITRO BOT” installed already, click “Apps” button available at the bottom of the tool pane, find the NITRO BOT, open the menu and click “Update” as shown below.

6. It prompts to upload the latest package, please choose the package (ServiceDeskBOT.Zip) downloaded in previous steps.

7. It take a moment and refreshes the page and shows the new name as shown below

8. To add this BOT to the tool pane, click on more added apps menu, right click on “ServiceDesk BOT” app, click “Pin” as shown below and then it will start appearing in the tool pane.

9. Reopen the Teams and then we will start seeing new name in BOT chat as shown below.


We do not support any changes to the BOT other than name change. After we download the latest package if we extract and compare the manifest.json file with the file from original package, only changes should be as shown below.