Insert Query list item link in Mail Template of Send Mail Action

Applies To: SharePoint Online Custom action and NITRO Workflows


This article describes the steps to insert the link of item fetched from query list action in the mail (send mail action).

Detailed Steps:

  1. Navigate to the list -> Custom actions -> Edit the required custom action -> Edit the ‘Send Mail’ action -> Click gear icon to navigate to ‘Mail Templates’.
  1. Edit the required mail template -> Select the required text in the mail template that is to be hyperlinked -> Click ‘Insert hyperlink’ icon -> Insert query list item link as shown below:


  • Please go to the query list that is selected in Query List action -> Open any item -> Copy display form link from the address bar -> Paste it in notepad -> Remove item ID -> Replace yellow highlighted text with display form link.
  • Syntax of query list item ID (text highlighted in green): %%QueryListActionName##[ID|ID]%%
  • Please replace green highlighted text as per the syntax above.
  1. Save the mail template.

Sample Example:

Send mail with link of Category item of the IssueType. Here Category is a lookup column in Issue Type.

Custom Action:

Custom Action: Query list action. Note that type is “Item”, that is, this action will fetch a single item (and not a collection of items).

Custom Action2: Send Mail Action

Mail Template Configuration:

Insert Query List Item Link as shown below:

Insert Query List Item Title Link as shown below:

Sample Output: