NITRO Studio- Forms

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using Form Event Actions in NITRO Forms

Form Event Actions give your form flexibility to change and update column values on the fly based on what is being entered on the form. Using this feature Actions allows you to: – Dynamically change a column’s value based on user input (e.g. updating a tax calculation when a currency value changes) – Parse data […]

How to Setup Column Placeholders in NITRO Studio

This video covers the column placeholder feature in Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio. It makes the Forms Designer more fluid and easy to use and shows you how to display column values within an HTML form control.

How to Setup a Table in NITRO Forms

Table layouts offer more customization and formatting capabilities within a NITRO form. In this video we cover how to utilize our table feature.

How to Setup E-Signature in NITRO Forms

Need the ability to draw out a signature within a digital form? In this video we show you exactly how to accomplish that in a NITRO form.