NITRO Studio- Forms

Using Form Event Actions on auto-populated lookup column

Applies to:NITRO activated sites in SharePoint Online and On-premises 2013/2016/2019 Description Form event actions (FEAs) can be used to add custom functionality on the forms. Please refer this article for more details and examples. FEAs can be triggered on form load or on a column value change by a user. There are some special scenarios […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Omni-Channel Access Gives Users Multiple Ways to Engage

Join us in this on-demand workshop where we will show an overview of the many “Omni-channel” possibilities n NITRO Studio and how best to use them. NITRO Studio provides many ways for users to engage with the applications and business process workflows you develop. With a multitude of options available, users (and staff) can choose […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Deep Dive into NITRO Forms

We’ll review the updated features in NITRO Forms, including enhanced Form Event Actions, and more JSON options. We’ll dig deep into NITRO Forms features for creating exact replicas of paper-based forms, including logos, text, etc. In this workshop we’ll cover: – New features for a better form experience for users – New Extended JSON features […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: External Data Columns in NITRO Forms

When using NITRO Forms, you have the option to pull data onto the form from an external data source like SQL. In this workshop, we’ll cover: – When to use the External Data Column – How to configure the External Data Column – Tips and tricks for managing the External Data Column – Other options […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using Themes to Enhance the UI in NITRO Forms

NITRO Studio is an Office 365 and SharePoint Forms Designer. It includes a “Themes” section that allows you to greatly enhance the look of the form you are building. NITRO comes with several pre-set themes, which set the look and feel of the form, but it is easy to create your own theme — or […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Deep Dive into NITRO Forms

Crow Canyon will go through the newest features added to NITRO Studio’s NITRO Forms. First we will talk about best practices with column and tab permissions. Then we will show you how to really revamp the UI of the form to make it a friendly interface for your end users.

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using Form Event Actions in NITRO Forms

Form Event Actions give your form flexibility to change and update column values on the fly based on what is being entered on the form. Using this feature Actions allows you to: – Dynamically change a column’s value based on user input (e.g. updating a tax calculation when a currency value changes) – Parse data […]

How to Setup Column Placeholders in NITRO Studio

This video covers the column placeholder feature in Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio. It makes the Forms Designer more fluid and easy to use and shows you how to display column values within an HTML form control.

How to Setup a Table in NITRO Forms

Table layouts offer more customization and formatting capabilities within a NITRO form. In this video we cover how to utilize our table feature.