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SharePoint Online: Uninstall steps for Crow Canyon Application

Uninstall steps for Crow Canyon application Applies to: SharePoint Online Product Version: 1.0 & 2.0 Note: This article applicable for the Crow Canyon Helpdesk applications which are using Forms Manager based applications. If you are in latest NITRO based application, please refer this article. Procedure to uninstall Crow Canyon Application Detailed Steps: 1. Delete the Email Sync […]

Send an email to requester asking for more details when ticket status is changed and include Employee Portal Ticket Url in the Email

1.     1. Go to Employee Portal app –> View My Tickets –> Edit any ticket. Copy the Url into a notepad and replace the Ticket number at the end of Url with [[ID || ID]] . After replacing, the url will be like:[[ID || ID]] 2.       Go to Manage Mail Templates and Create a […]

Send an email to Assigned Staff when comments are added in Work Log field

1.      1. Go to “Manage Mail Templates” in Workflow Manager app and create a Mail Template like below:  2.      Create a Workflow in the Workflow Manager like below:  –          Create workflow on Tickets list, Item Modified event with condition like : Work Log AfterChange eq [[Any]]  –          Create a Send Mail action like below : […]

O365 Service Request: Show/Hide tabs in list item form based on the selected Category

Dynamically Show/Hide tabs in item forms based on values in other columns Description: In a list we can group all the related fields as a tab using ‘Crow Canyon Forms Manager’. Using Forms Manager App we can also configure permissions on Tabs and Columns to Show/Hide tab/column based on the values in other columns such […]

Ensure user enters the value for lookup field (e.g. Category for Tickets list item)

Conditonal validation on Lookup fields Introduction When a Lookup Field is configured to be required in the field settings, then the first option gets selected by default in the new item form. Because of this users can save the item without selecting the intended value for the lookup field. Crowcanyon Forms Manager App can fix […]

Auto-close Tickets after a certain time if they are still open

If Tickets remain open for a certain period then these can be auto-closed using Infowise Smart Action Pro. Please refer images below to configure the action. For this example, we are using [Today]-14 as the condition for running the action. This will close the Ticket two weeks (14 days) after it is created. This can […]

SharePoint Online: Report to show number of items by week number in a time period

Introduction This article explains how to create a report to show number of items in a view of SharePoint list corresponding to week number of a date field in list. Please follow the below steps to configure this report using the Crow Canyon Report App.   Create a calculated column of type Text called “Week […]