NITRO Studio- Workshop Videos

NITRO Studio Workshop: Introducing the NITRO Studio Mobile App!

Introducing the NITRO Studio Mobile App! Crow Canyon is proud to introduce our new mobile app for NITRO Studio! Take your NITRO sites on the go! Submit requests, update tickets, and review key metrics right from your phone. James Restivo will show you: – How to set up the app– How to configure the app– […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: New Options for the NITRO User Interface!

We have released several improvements recently around the user interface (UI) elements of NITRO. In Tiles and Dials, we have added flexible options for rounding corners. In NITRO Reports, you now have an option to hide the header to give it a lighter look and feel. We’ll cover these and more! – Show Tiles as […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: New DocuSign Integration for NITRO!

Do you have a business process that requires signatures? Whether your signers are internal or external, you can take advantage of the new DocuSign integration with NITRO Workflows! Join James Restivo as he shows you how to: – Set up the connection to the DocuSign API – Create a workflow using the new DocuSign action […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using NITRO Workflows with Teams

NITRO Studio integrates your line of business applications with Microsoft Teams for ease of use. Users can view and update data for applications directly through the Teams interface. With NITRO Studio Workflows and Custom Actions, your users can stay within Teams, reducing their need to jump back and forth between different applications. We’ll cover: – […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: The New & Improved NITRO Mobile Experience

The need to bring “on-the-go” automation is vital for many organizations working with a distributed workforce. This is why the NITRO Studio dev team has been working hard to make sure NITRO runs smoothly and seamlessly on mobile, also adding many new and improved features to enhance the mobile UI and UX. Watch James Restivo […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: NITRO Expression Builder

In this workshop we’ll present and demo the new expression builder in NITRO Studio. Showing how this powerful feature supports a whole host of functions that you can use to perform string, mathematical, conditional, and date operations on values from the workflow context. The NITRO expression builder feature in Custom Actions and Workflows will help […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: The NITRO Email Manager

The NITRO Email Manager can be used to manually send emails from SharePoint list and library items. Use it to create templates for quick and easy responses on the click of a button. In this workshop we’ll show you: – How to configure Email Manager – How to set up template responses – How our […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Manage Large Lists in SharePoint

Although Microsoft allows for multiple millions of items in one SharePoint list, you have likely encountered the 5000-item list view threshold at some point in time. SharePoint and NITRO both offer workarounds for dealing with a large number of items in a list. We’ll cover various ways to handle this including: – Indexing columns – […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: How to integrate NITRO with other services

NITRO Studio offers many options for integrating with other tools within and outside of SharePoint. Some examples include External Data Columns on a NITRO Form, calling Power Automate flows from NITRO Workflows, and importing data via CSV import. We’ll cover these integration tools in a live workshop: – How the External Data Column on a […]