NITRO Studio- Workshop Videos

NITRO Studio Workshop: Omni-Channel Access Gives Users Multiple Ways to Engage

Join us in this on-demand workshop where we will show an overview of the many “Omni-channel” possibilities n NITRO Studio and how best to use them. NITRO Studio provides many ways for users to engage with the applications and business process workflows you develop. With a multitude of options available, users (and staff) can choose […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Deep Dive into NITRO Forms

We’ll review the updated features in NITRO Forms, including enhanced Form Event Actions, and more JSON options. We’ll dig deep into NITRO Forms features for creating exact replicas of paper-based forms, including logos, text, etc. In this workshop we’ll cover: – New features for a better form experience for users – New Extended JSON features […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Infusing Microsoft AI into NITRO Studio

Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio forms and workflow platform for Microsoft Office 365 includes many useful features that enhance your ability to create robust business process automation solutions for your organization. Chatbots and AI Services are an increasingly important player in NITRO Studio’s toolbelt. We are not talking about the rise of robots and assimilation into […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using the NITRO Knowledge Base

Did you know Crow Canyon’s IT Help Desk application powered by NITRO Studio comes with a Knowledge Base (KB)? This built-in feature can provide quicker resolutions for the end users, and higher productivity for IT Staff.   A Knowledge Base allows you to collect, organize, store, and share information throughout your organization, in a secure environment […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: 2021 NITRO Features Recap

All the latest and greatest improvements to NITRO Studio! We have been adding many enhancements that make NITRO an even more comprehensive tool for creating business process solutions. — Visual Workflow Designer — New ID Column — New button styles — UI Improvements — Associated Items improvements — New SMS Texting feature — New Bot […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: External Data Columns in NITRO Forms

When using NITRO Forms, you have the option to pull data onto the form from an external data source like SQL. In this workshop, we’ll cover: – When to use the External Data Column – How to configure the External Data Column – Tips and tricks for managing the External Data Column – Other options […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using Query List Actions in NITRO Workflows

Learn how to use NITRO Workflows to reflect “For Each” loops. This will allow you to iterate updates over multiple items in a list with both static and dynamic updates. – Learn how to set up workflows so that you can cycle through multiple updates at a time – Create any number of items in […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Invoking Web Services using Workflows & Custom Actions

Invoke web services as an option in NITRO Workflows and Custom Actions in this NITRO Studio Workshop! With this option you can: – Use web services to manage your business processes with NITRO – Extract and return external data from a SQL Database – Send updates to external resources using NITRO Studio

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using Bot Commands to Tailor NTIRO Teams Bots to Your Users

NITRO Studio’s Bot for Microsoft Teams engages users in a conversational interface, guiding them to the answers and information they need, at any time of day. Properly configured, the Bot for Teams can bring much higher levels of service and satisfaction to your users. A big part of the configuration is setting up the Bot […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using NITRO Workflows with Teams

NITRO Studio integrates your line of business applications with Microsoft Teams for ease of use. Users can view and update data for applications directly through the Teams interface. With NITRO Studio Workflows and Custom Actions, your users can stay within Teams, reducing their need to jump back and forth between different applications. We’ll cover: – […]