NITRO Studio- Workshop Videos

NITRO Studio Workshop: Custom Actions Designer

As an added feature to NITRO Studio, see the even more comprehensive tool for creating business process automation solutions. – The new Custom Actions Designer uses Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) to develop your custom actions – Quickly and easily design your Custom Action with a visual interface – Gain visibility into the process flow […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Building an Application Portal Using Web Parts

In this workshop, James Restivo walks through how to build up a new portal site from scratch using NITRO Studio. We showcase the Web Parts and how to use them to: — Create a portal for end users to interact with forms — Show them only what they have submitted — Give them access to […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Managing Item-Level Permissions in NITRO Workflows

Securing company data is more important than ever, and NITRO Studio can assist with this effort! Join James Restivo for a NITRO Studio Workshop to learn how you can use NITRO Workflows to automatically secure your SharePoint list items and documents. We’ll cover: – How to set conditional access policies based on metadata – Reset […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Powerful Enhancement Review

We bring you up-to-date on all the latest and greatest improvements to NITRO Studio. We have been adding many enhancements that make NITRO an even more comprehensive tool for creating business process solutions. Including… — New ID Column — New button styles — Associated Items improvements — New SMS Texting features — And many more […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Introducing SMS Texting

SharePoint SMS Texting is now available on NITRO Studio! With the new “Send SMS Text” action, customizable updates and notifications can be sent to the cell phones of users and staff, based on any number of conditions or events. But that is not all — users or managers can respond to the text with a […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Administration & Management

When NITRO Studio is installed, it comes with tools to manage your subscription and licenses. The management screens allow you to activate/deactivate sites, install application templates, update subscriptions, and more. This workshop will show you the full range of tools available to manage NITRO Studio in your Office 365 Tenant or SharePoint on-prem Farm. See […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Branding with Classic or Modern UI

NITRO Studio offers a wide range of branding capabilities for your applications. The Branding app in NITRO Studio gives you the choice between branding the Classic UI or the Modern UI. The options in both of these provide many ways to modify the look and feel of the SharePoint interface. In the Classic UI branding, […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using Themes to Enhance the UI in NITRO Forms

NITRO Studio is an Office 365 and SharePoint Forms Designer. It includes a “Themes” section that allows you to greatly enhance the look of the form you are building. NITRO comes with several pre-set themes, which set the look and feel of the form, but it is easy to create your own theme — or […]

NITRO Studio Workshop: Using Functions in Workflows & Custom Actions

In this workshop, James Restivo explores using functions in NITRO Workflows and Custom Actions: when, where, why, and how to use them, what they do, and how they overcome the limitations of SharePoint. Discover more ways to automate business processes. Find out how to use the power of functions to extend the capabilities and usefulness […]