Category/Issue Type linkage not working in SharePoint

Applying Alternative Access mapping or changing the site URL leads to stop working Category Vs Issue Type cascaded functionality and Templates functionalities. To enable these features again, do the following steps.
1.       Open the Script Documents document library in Service Area Site. (Fig A, Fig B and Fig C)
2.       Copy the CCSSRScriptV2.0.102 java script file shortcut. (Fig D)
3.       Download ConstantFile.txt and NewTicketForm.txt to local drive and change “src” attribute to copied shortcut. (Fig E and Fig F)
4.       Upload the updated ConstantFile.txt and NewTicketForm.txt back to Script Documents document library. (Fig G)

Fig A: Go to the Service Area Site 


Fig B: View All Site Content


Fig C: Open Script Documents document library


Fig D: Copy the shortcut of CCSSRScriptV2.0.100 java script file

Fig E: Save a copy of ConstantFile and NewTicketForm text files to your local drive.

Fig F: Change “src” attribute value to the shortcut copied in “Fig D”  and save the text file.


Fig G: Upload the updated ConstantFile.txt to the Script Documents document library.


Repeat “Fig E” to “Fig G” steps for the NewTicketForm.txt also.

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