Requester Phone is the Mobile Number instead of Work Phone

 In the SharePoint applications, the Requester Phone in the Ticket reads  the Mobile Number instead of the Work Phone from SharePoint User Profile. Is there any way to change this to read the Work Phone? Is there a way to change what other user information is pulled into the ticket?

Issue: The SharePoint application pulls in Mobile Phone Number of the Requester in the Requester Phone field on the Ticket, when the Work Phone is what is expected or required.

Cause: In SharePoint, the User Profile’s phone number field is by default the Mobile Phone Number (which is pulled in from Active Directory when the user is created).

Possible solutions:

1. Change the SharePoint user profile field mappings in Central Administration by using User Profile Synchronization service. (User Profile Synchronization service is available only in Standard/Enterprise version of SharePoint 2010)

     Note: Any change made by User Profile Synchronization service will apply to all sites in your SharePoint farm.

2. Crow Canyon can customize the“User Info Filler” web part to get information from different user profile mappings. Contact for more information on this.

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