Category Owner is not getting an email on Ticket creation

Category owner is not receiving emails on new Ticket creation with that category

Applies To: SharePoint 2013 and 2016 and SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

Note: This article assumes that general SharePoint emails and Crow Canyon notifications are working in your environment. Issue is only with Category Owner Emails. Please refer this artcile for general email issues:

Issue Description:

In Crow Canyon Help Desk Product, Tickets have an attribute to define the Category of the issue. This is a lookup column to Category list and in this list we can define an Owner for the Category. For every category it can be specified that Category owner should receive an email when a new Ticket is created with that Category and the defined Priority. The mail content is received as per the configuration in ‘New Ticket Utility’ list. Please refer below links for more details:

Category List

New Ticket Utility

Here, the issue is that Category Owner is not receing the mail after configuring the required fields in the Category list.

Cause/Resolution : In Category List for the Category Owner column, “Show Field” should be set to “E-Mail” instead of other options like “Name” etc.. If this is not set to “E-Mail” then please make the change and try again by creating a new Ticket with respective Category:

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