Office 365 Service Request: Create a report on re-opened tickets by month for assigned staff

Please follow the steps below  to create a report to see reopened tickets for each staff by month to analyze staff effectiveness in resolving issues.


1. Create a new list “Reopened tickets” with below fields.

Title – Single line of text

TicketID – Single line of text

RelatedTicketID – Lookup (Ticket list ID field)

Category – Lookup (Category list Title field)

IssueType – Lookup (Issue Type list Title field)

Staff – Person/Group field

ClosedDate – Date/Time field

ReOpenDate – Date/Time field (Default value : Today’s Date)

2. Create a Workflow using CrowCanyon Workflow Manager like below:

Create an action like below:

All the Reopened ticket instances will be captured in “Reopened Tickets” list. A report can be made on this list using CrowCanyon Report Manager app.

3. Create a Report like below using CrowCanyon Report Manager app:

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