Data Migration Tool Pre-requisites and Questions

S.No. Question Customer Comments
  Software Requirements  
1 .NET Framework 4.5 needs to be installed in source SharePoint server  
2 Both (Source and Target) SharePoint Farms should exists in same domain (Same AD) in case of "on-prem to on-prem" migration  
3 Users should be available in target environment with email address same as source environment in case of "on-prem to online" migration. – Do you have SPOnline users with the same email address as on-prem email?  
  Permissions/Access Needs  
4 A domain user, local admin to source SharePoint server, Site Collection Administrator of source site  
5 A domain user, local admin to target SharePoint server, Site Collection Administrator of target site (target as on-prem)  
6 Site Collection administrator credentials on target site (target as online)  
  Other Questions  
7 Site Schema, Administration, SharePoint Groups, Users and Permissions needs to be pre-configured (Idea is that, target environment should be in ready to use except data)  
8 What kind of data needs to be migrated? Any special field types? Any special Content Types?  
9 Where to migrate? Live Tickets and Archived lists? Legacy lists?  
10 Convey to Customer: New Case Ids will be generated in new system.  
11 What is the amount of data? What is the list view threshold and the lookup threshold? Note the maximum number of items and lookups in a list if exceeding threshold limits.
During the migration, source environment should not be used. If used, the incremental data cannot be migrated
12 What are the URL requirements? (Mainly for on-premises)  
13 How many service areas? Are you looking for all service areas migration at a time or can we do service area by service area?  
14 Do you have any custom solutions?  
15 Can we get credentials so we can do offline ourselves?  
16 Screenshot of Solutions Management  
17 Screenshot of Infowise Capability Dashboard  

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