Modifying the ‘Request Status’ values for Service Request Tickets

Applies to: SharePoint Online


Tickets list has a ‘Request Status’ field that indicates the current status of the Ticket. By default there are three values for this status:

  • Unassigned: Ticket is not yet assigned to technician
  • Assigned: Ticket is assigned and is being worked upon by technician
  • Closed: Ticket has been closed after resolution of the problem

Crow Canyon Application uses these three status values and these can’t be changed as otherwise application state machine may not work correctly.

Following two options can be used if more status values are required:

  1. More status values can be added to ‘Request Status’ field (like you can add a ‘Resolved’ status in addition to above three status values)
  2. Create another choice field in Tickets list and here you can have more status values for better classifying the resolution

Notify Requester/Assigned Staff on change in the Ticket Status:

In Crow Canyon Applications, Whenever a tickets gets created/assigned/closed, Crow Canyon Product workflows will send mail to Requester/Assigned Staff of the ticket.

If we have added one more status called “Resolved” and we want to notify the users when the ticket status is changed to “Resolved”.

This requirement can be achieve with Crow Canyon Workflow Manager. please refer this article for configuring workflow to notify Requester/Assigned Staff when ticket status is changed:


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