Survey configuration in O365 Crow Canyon Service Area

Survey Functionality:

Survey is to know ‘Requester’ satisfaction/feedback on service provided after resolving their issue. In Crow Canyon Service Request, ‘Requester’ will receive a link to fill ‘Survey’ when a Ticket gets closed.

Basic Survey Config from Portal

Send Survey link to Requester after Ticket close  BasicSurveyConfigurationFromPortal




Conduct ‘Survey’ only on every Nth Ticket closed

Instead of sending/conducting Survey on every Ticket closed, if your requirement is to send for every 5th or 7th Ticket etc., then please follow the steps specified in this article – SurveyOnNthTicketClosed




Copy ‘Survey’ data back to Ticket

If we want to maintain Survey data in the Ticket we need to copy data back to the Ticket once Requester responded on the Survey. To configure this please refer this article – CopySurveyDataBackToTicket




Configure Survey Analysis and Advanced Reports on Survey data

Based on the Survey data copied in to Ticket we can configure different Reports to analyse Survey. To know how to configure Reports please refer this article – AdvancedReportsonSurvey

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