Notify Assigned Staff for every Worklog update in Ticket

Applies to: SharePoint Online

Requirement: Notify Assigned Staff for every Worklog update in Ticket

Description: Standard notifications in our product sends notifications when a ticket is created/assigned/re-assigned/closed. To send notifications for other scenarios, we can configrue workflow using Crow Canyon Workflow Manager app.

Summary of Configurations:

1. Create a mail template on Tickets list with required content.

2. Create a workflow with send mail action on Tickets list item update event with required conditions such that notifications sent out only when work log column is updated.

Detailed Steps:

Note: if you are using Crow Canyon Nitro workflows (latest workflow Manager), please refer this article:

1. Create mail template: Go to Site Contents –> CrowCanyon Workflow Manager App –> Manage Mail Template –> Create a Mail Template on Tickets list like below. Note that the below mail template is just a sample and it can be configuered as per the need.

2. Create workflow: Create a workflow with conditions and "Send Mail" action as per the sample screenshots shown below.

Send Mail Action

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