Crow Canyon On-premisis solutions description

S.No  Solution Name

 Deployment  Scope      

                                                Description Feature Scope
1  CrowCanyon.ColorKPI.wsp  Global

Color/Highlight SharePoint list items based on column values (complex conditions can be specified based on multiple column values)

Show progress bar based on a column value

2 CrowCanyon.AdvancedAlerts.wsp  Global

Configure custom email notifications based on list item create/update events. Or based on a date column value e.g. send an email 4 hours before due date value.

Mail templates with place holders for list column values and ability to highlight changed values are supported. Notifications can be sent based on conditions on column values

 Site Collection
3  CrowCanyon.CascadedLookup.wsp  Global

Filters child lookup column options based on the parent lookup column value selection. It supports the cross-site lookup and filtering on top of it. It also has the capability to auto populate lookup list item information in to the other fields on the current form (Column mappings are configurable using JSON).

4  CrowCanyon.ColorChoiceField.wsp  Global

Color/Highlight/show icons on SharePoint list items based on choice column values. Allows to apply color to the whole row or column based on choice column values.

5  CrowCanyon.CommonUtils.wsp  Global It is a dependency solution with all the common functions code for some of the crow canyon solutions  NA
6  CrowCanyon.Discussion.wsp  Global

Custom Field Type that provides ability to capture the comments/text that shows with signature and time stamp.

SharePoint standard multiple lines of text field with "Append Changes" option provides the same functionality but versions needs to be enabled. In Discussion field, same feature is possible without enabling versions.

Also, it has the ability to delete the old comments without deleting whole version.

7  CrowCanyon.LicenseManager.wsp  Global License evaluator for crowcanyon applications.  Site
8  CrowCanyon.TaskManager.wsp  Global

In SharePoint, relation between two lists can be maintained using lookup column. If we need to see all related items then we need to add view with web part connections.

Task Manager custom field type simplifies this and renders related items as a column on the form. It supports adding new items in multiple different ways (new entry link, inline panel, inline edit) to add new entry that auto links to the parent item. 

9  CCSSendmailwithattachments.wsp  Global Dependent solution for some helpdesk program solutions  NA
10  CCSSREventReceiver.wsp  Global It is useful to dispose completed workflow instances on Tickets list and support Approver functionality.  Site
11  CrowCanyon.AdvancedEmail.wsp  Web Application

Allows Email Settings on any list to send mails with attachments from list item itself. 

12  CCSSRWorkflows.wsp  Web Application Which supports auto notifications on ticket submission and SLA (On demand)  Site Collection
13  CrowCanyon.AdvancedPrint.wsp  Web Application Allows to print information from SharePoint lists and items. It allows users to define multiple print templates with list column values.  Site Collection
14  CrowCanyon.BatchTicketEditor.wsp  Web Application Allows to assign/self-assign/close multiple tickets as batch at once  Site
15  CrowCanyon.CalculatedTable.wsp  Web Application Allows to add tabular charts and graphs (Flash/HTML5) on any web part page. It has the report center where custom reports can be build We can print, email and schedule reports. Report has a custom ribbon that provides the dynamic date filter capabilities.  Site Collection
16  CrowCanyon.FieldManager.wsp  Web Application Allows to manage the fields visibility(show/hide) in different list forms  Site
17  CrowCanyon.FormsManager.wsp  Web Application Allows to create Tabs, Tab Permissions, Column Permissions, and Column Validations for default SharePoint list forms and list columns.  Site Collection
18  CrowCanyon.Webparts.wsp  Web Application Provides a set of web parts that supports CCS Applications.  Site Collection
19  CrowCanyon.ListSearch.wsp  Web Application Allows to search items from SharePoint lists with in the Site Collection. Provides a webpart for simple and advanced search within the lists  Site Collection
20  CrowCanyon.MobileManager.wsp  Web Application Allows to view data from a SharePoint list in mobile devices  Site
21  EasyTabParts.wsp  Web Application Allows to tab webparts in a page
 Site Collection
22  CrowCanyon.TimerJobs.wsp  Web Application Provides timer jobs like SLA timer job, Recurrence timer job, Archival Timer job for CCS Application  Site Collection
23  CrowCanyon.URLActions.wsp  Web Application Allows to embed different pages as a link in the ribbon in SharePoint list forms  Site Collection
24  CrowCanyon.WorkflowManager.wsp  Web Application

Custom business flow can be configured using the custom workflows based on list item create/update /delete events or based on a date column value (timer-based).

Allows to perform actions like create/ update/delete/send mail actions based on conditions on column values.

 Site Collection
25 CrowCanyon.Branding.wsp Global

Which allows user to customize look and feel of the SharePoint sites. By default Crow Canyon provides five different themes.
Allows users to create custom themes and configure look and feel of quick launch.




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