How to address missing tickets creation for incoming emails due to list view threshold limit?

Indexing email tickets list columns where items treshold limit is exceeded

Applies to: SharePoint Online


It is possible that sometimes email to ticket conversion fails as item create event might be missed. To address this our product maintenance service will periodically check and takes the necessary actions to get the tickets created. If the "Email Tickets" list is reached to list view threshold (5000 items), then our service cannot read the missing email information.

To avoid this list view threshold conflicts, we need to configure indices for below columns in "Email Tickets" list.

1. Parent Item

2. Related Ticket ID

3. Created

To create indexed columns, go to Email Tickets List settings, click on Indexed Columns. It shows all the existing indexed columns if any. Click "Create new index" link and create index for above columns as needed (Sample screenshots below).



Note: We can create only up to 20 index columns per list.

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