How to configure a report in Workspace pages?

Report configuration in workspace page

Applies to: SharePoint On-premisis

Please refer this article for more details on how to create and configure workspace page.



To show the charts representation of the data, we can add Calculated table webpart to a web part page.

1. Edit workspace page and add calculated table webpart to the page.

2. Edit calculated table webpart in the page and configure report.

Detailed steps to configure a report in workspace page:

1. Add Crow Canyon Calculated Table webpart to the page.

Edit the webpart page –> Add a Webpart –> Add Calculated webpart from "CrowCanyon" folder to the page.

Note: If Calculated Table web part is not visible in Crow Canyon folder, activate CrowCanyon Calculated Table site collection feature (go to Site Settings –> Go to top level site settings –> Activate Crow Canyon Calculated Table feature).

2. Once Calculated table web part is added to the page, click edit button in the web part to configure a report as needed in workspace page.

Please refer "Reporting" section for reports manual from

For sample reports configuration please refer


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