Incoming emails are not converted as tickets or not linked as they supposed to be

Process Email Tickets when threshold error occurs

Applies to: Sharepoint Online


For incoming email to ticket conversion feature, Crow Canyon Email Sync App is used to capture the emails from the configured mailbox and it creates an item in "Email Tickets" list in our application. On every item creation, event will be fired and another Crow Canyon app "Crow Canyon Product App" captures that event and creates a ticket for that incoming email. Sometimes it is possible that event fire might be missed so ticket creation may miss. To handle such situations, our Crow Canyon Product Maintenance service will periodically check and create them as tickets.

Few things to consider:

1. We have "Incoming Email Processing" utility and it is possible to configure such that cerrtain email with subject/body contains certain keywords can be skipped from ticket creation.

2. There is another possible reason that the ticket created might got deleted by someone. The deleted tickets might be present in the Recycle bin. The ticket can be restored from there to populate in the Tickets list.

If both the above things are not applicable, then our Product maintenance service supposed to initiate the ticket for such missing emails. If the ticket is still not created for missing emails, it could be Email Tickets list crosses the list view threshold limit of 5000 items and it cannot be increased in SharePoint Online, to address this, certain columns need to be indexed in Email Ticket list so our Product Maintenance App can process the missing emails.

To configure indexed columns in Email Tickets list, please refer "Common areas where we can use indexed columns" section in this article:

To process email tickets to ticket conversion manually using Crow Canyon Product App, please refer

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