How to Configure Recurrence feature functionality in Helpdesk using Workflow Manager App?

Create recurring list items with required schedule and data using Crow Canyon Workflow Manager

Applies to: SharePoint Online and On-prem


There are many business scenarios where SharePoint list items need to be created based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly basis or based on specific dates. This is used for cases like recurring maintenance tasks for Assets, renewing Contracts etc. In some Crow Canyon applications like Assets in SharePoint On-prem (SP 2013 and 2016), there is built in support for this functionality. For SPOnline and other custom requirements in On-prem, this can be configured using Crow Canyon Workflow Manager.

In this article, we have taken Tickets list as an example but this can be configured on any list using the Workflow Manager. We will create a recurring template list and then add timer based workflows to get the recurring items created in the Tickets list.

Summary of Steps:

1. List Schema for Recurring functionality

2. Workflows configuration based on recurrence (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or Specific Date)

  • Configure a timer based workflow based on recurrence type
  • Configure create item action that create items in target list

Detailed Steps:

 1. List Schema for Recurrence:

  • Create a list “Recurring Ticket Template” in IT Helpdesk with following fields. Based on the scheduled and data in this list, items will be created in Tickets list automatically as per the schedule and with corresponding data in the Ticket item fields:

Field Internal Name

Display Name

Field Type



Lookup to Category list


Issue Type

Lookup to IssueType list



Multiline text



Person or group


Recurrence Type

Choice field (Values: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Specific Date)


Start Date

Date and Time


Specific Date

Date and Time

  • You can also create additional fields and map them to Tickets list in workflow manager app

2. Workflows configuration for Recurrence Type

There are 5 different types of Recurrence Types. We need to create workflows for each type of Recurrence Type

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Specific

Ex: Daily Recurrence Type:

  • Create item in Recurring Ticket Template list and select Recurrence Type as "Daily" and select start date for recurrence


  • Now after creating an item in Recurring Ticket Template List, open Crow Canyon Workflow Manager App and configure Daily Recurrence Type workflow as shown below.

a)       if we want to create the Ticket daily for 5 days, we can configure as below:


  • Add and configure a create item action to create an item in Tickets list as shown below:



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