How to reopen a ticket if email comes for an existing closed ticket?

Reopen closed ticket on incoming email

Applies to: SharePoint Online and On-premises


Configure workflow using Crow Canyon Workflow Manager to reopen the ticket whenever an email comes for an existing closed ticket. Email subject needs to have the CaseId syntax to get this functionality to work.

CaseId syntax:

[CaseId: ID]

Summary of Configurations:

Configure a workflow on Item modified event of Email Tickets list with update item actions.

Detailed Instructions:

Configure a workflow on Email Tickets list on item modified event as shown in below screenshot

Update Item Action:


Note: If Ticket is to be reopened only if the ticket has been closed in last 5 days then add additional condition to the workflow as shown below:

Value expression for closed date: $subtract({Today},5:0:0:0)

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