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Announcing the new Custom Actions Designer!

We have released a brand new and existing feature for our Custom Actions! The new Designer interface! This is a very exciting release for us as it opens up the world of Business Process Mapping Notation (BPMN) and all of the benefits of it. Visual workflow, looping, branching, etc.

When designing Custom Actions, you will now have an option to create the action in either Legacy mode (what has been used up to this point) and Designer mode (new experience).

In Designer mode, you'll be able to add your actions in a drag-and-drop interface. You'll be able to visually follow your workflow process easily and can easily create branching flows.

The new Gateway option clearly delineates the path your process will follow.

With this exciting new development, we have an eye towards adding more advanced process functions such as For Each and Do While loops.

Take a look at the sample screenshots below.

This will be there for both Office 365 and On-premises customers in Version update

Note: Existing Custom Action configurations will not be impacted by this change. They will continue to operate as they do today. We hope to add in an option to convert Legacy actions to the Designer interface, but that is not there today.

Note: We will be adding this feature to NITRO Workflows before the end of 2021.

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Update: We released the Workflow Designer for Office 365 customers on 12/6/21!

Our next update for on-premises customers will include the Workflow Designer. Look for this update in your email around the middle of January.