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Auto Close Functionality

When closing a Work Order (list item) with a Custom Action, there is an option to Auto Close the execution window, which is my preferred selection. The information on this says "After action execution auto-close the progress dialog. Dialog is not auto-closed if there is an error in execution or is not executed due to conditions/permissions."

This functionality does follow for the Condition Settings within the Custom Action itself (ex: Request Status not equal "Closed"), but not those under "What Actions to execute", such as the query to check if Time Tracking has been added as a prerequisite for closing a Work Order.

Use case explanation:
I would like the Custom Action execution process to auto-close unless there is an error or exception (most common is the Time Tracking not added).  Currently I cannot enable Auto Close because if Time Tracking wasn't added, the end user would not see the reason the Work Order didn't close.

Is there a way for the Auto Close function to also consider the 'sub-action' conditions/permissions (such as Time Tracking)?

Thank you!

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Hi NinetySix,

We are checking this internally and will get back soon.

When ‘Auto Close’ is enabled in Crow Canyon Custom Actions settings, we have enhanced the functionality to auto close progress dialog if action execution is not stopped due to query list action result. In case if action execution stops due to query list action result, then it is possible to not auto close the progress dialog so user can read ‘Show message if Custom Action execution stopped’ message. Please refer below steps:

  • Clear browser cache.
  • Edit the custom action --> Configure a variable.
    • Variable Name: NITRO_DialogAutoClose
    • Default Value: Open
    • Note: This is a pre-defined variable. Please configure as shown: <AutoClose_1.png>
  • ‘Auto Close’ option is enabled in custom action settings. <AutoClose_2.png>
  • Configure a query list action as required. After this action, add ‘Set Variable’ action from ‘Events and Controls’ section in left-hand panel. <AutoClose_3.png>
  • Add variable mapping in ‘Set Variable’ action for ‘NITRO_DialogAutoClose’ variable as shown: <AutoClose_4.png>
    • NITRO_DialogAutoClose --> Close


Uploaded files:
  • AutoClose_1.png
  • AutoClose_2.png
  • AutoClose_3.png
  • AutoClose_4.png
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Works great (I used the Legacy experience though).  Thanks!