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Custom action execution logging

Does such a thing exist as it does for workflows? Would be good for checking back on entries such as list item ID xx updated, email sent to xxxx - that sort of thing

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Obviously I don't know your setup, but we're on-prem and have their workflow debugger, which it sounds like is what you're looking for, and its super handy.

Cheers. Also on prem and have the debugger which I find great for logic checks when designing the action. But once "out there" it would be good to be able to view a history log if needed - example - "I never received any email telling me to....." checks history log and finds "email sent to XYZ on 1/1/2022"



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Oh, yeah I see.

In order to speed the troubleshooting up, by narrowing down where the failure may have occurred, we're trying out an idea implementing our own 'logging' column with action updates and variable values that get written throughout the workflow so we're not spending quite so much time digging through the logs of a CCSWF_History list.

It may end up being a wash time-wise, but if its more time in development, but less spent troubleshooting, I'll still consider that a win.

Yep, that was my plan if there wasn't something already out of the box. Write custom action step outcomes to a list and maybe have a timed workflow clean it up every month or so

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Great minds think alike it seems.

Good luck!