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Custom Actions - Where to place the button

When using Custom Actions, you have a few options for where you want to place the button for the action. You can put the button in the following places:

  • On a NITRO Form (this option is always enabled)
  • On the Display Form ribbon
  • In the Edit Control Block (the drop down from the ellipsis in List Views)
  • In the List View Ribbon (where you can run it for multiple items at one time).

Another new option is to place the button in the Item Print screen. The reason we did this was so that users could generate documents and store them locally before sending them out as a PDF or other type of file. Otherwise, the print out of the item won't be saved locally. This gives you more flexibility to audit what is getting printed from the tool, with better integration between these two powerful NITRO tools. To learn more about this feature, you can refer to this earlier forum post: Adding Generate Document and Send Mail actions to Print Manager – Crow Canyon Software Forum – Crow Canyon Software Support

@james do you know of any reason why a custom action would NOT show in the edit control block?
I have 3 custom actions all set to be visible in the ECB but none are visible. I can show and use them on the display ribbon, on the form itself but nothing showing for the list view ECB (yes an item is selected prior to clicking the ellipses). There are no permissions set on the custom actions either.