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Duplicating item in a list

We have a list with some items that need to be duplicated each year for use in the current year. The list has ~75 columns, ~50 of which need to be copied to the new item. I've been trying the 'Move Item' action but that deletes the original; I've also looked at using the 'Create Item' action but each field needs to be specified individually, and with 50 columns it's quite tedious AND doesn't keep up to date with the schema.

Unfortunately we cannot use SharePoint's Copy command since this is a List and Copy only supports Libraries.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @pf-amalin,

In move item action, the data is moved from source list to destination list by matching column names. So, in this action, column mappings are not required.

In create item action, the data is mapped from source list to target list as per column mappings added in the action. Currently, in create item action, we do not map the items by matching column names and may add this feature in future releases. Please let us know if you are looking for create item action without column mappings.

That's exactly what I'm running into when trying to clone an item:

  • I can Move the item, but the original is then deleted.
  • I cannot find a Copy action.
  • If I Create a new item, I have to specify each column up front and some lists have a large number of columns. The columns aren't dynamic and the workflow has to be manually updated if there is a change in the schema. Creating an item copying all existing fields would be helpful.
  • If I Update a blank item I run into the same thing.

I ended up creating a Power Automate Flow to clone the items and it's been doing the job.