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Edit List View Header Text

Using SharePoint 2019 on prem classic pages

Created a custom list view and added it to a SharePoint page (via Add List View to Pages in Site) but now I would like to edit the List View Header Text.  Can this be done and is so, how?

We can configure styles in Crow Canyon Modern branding settings to apply/customize Crow Canyon list view headers. Go to site settings --> site administration --> Crow Canyon Branding (Modern Sites) --> Extended CSS --> add below css to apply colors to list view headers. We can further add any styles needed as required. Please refer sample CSS from below.

.CCS-Webpart-Title {
color: #00FF00 !important;

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Thank you most kindly, but not quite what I'm asking.

Created a Custom List View.  Then added the Custom List View to site page.  When adding the list view you enter List View Header Text.  I want to edit the text but cannot find where to do this.  (Colors are immaterial).  Do you have to delete the List View from the site page and then redo the Add List View to Pages in Site with new List View Header Test (what I want to change)?

Thanks again.

(And we are Classic (on prem 2019)- Branding (Modern sites) returns "The page you're looking for doesn't exist."



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Hi @jkaurloto

Thanks for clarifying the question. To change the header text in classic mode, you can edit the page and web part directly. Go to Page - > Edit Page. On the webpart click on the dropdown in the upper right corner and select Edit Web Part. In the panel that appears on the right, click on Appearance, and then edit the Title of the web part. See below screenshots. Let me know if this helps.

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