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Few questions about custom actions

  1. No matter what I try I cannot get the custom action to appear on the edit control block on the list view
  2. When I fire the custom action that sends an email a window pops up displaying the email, can this be bypassed as I am using a mail template and the person firing the custom action is not required to add to the email
  3. Is it possible for the custom action button in the ribbon to be conditional? I want it to be hidden if a certain field is set to yes to stop it being mistakenly fired again.
  4. I cannot get the custom action button to show on the list view ribbon. I check both list view ribbon and display form (custom action settings) the same button appears twice in the display item form ribbon but not in the list view ribbon

UPDATE: I have figured out number 2. Once you have selected your mail template a check box appears offering you the ability to disable email editing. This stops the email from popping up prior to sending

Hi @Jay,

Sorry for the delay. We have been having difficulty posting to the form lately; I am not sure why yet, but I am looking into it. Here is what the team is saying:

  1. For custom actions not appearing in ECB issue,
  • Please let us know NITRO version of the site. Go to the site -> Site settings -> Crow Canyon NITRO Apps (under Site Administration) -> Check NITRO version of the site on this page.
  • Is this issue specific to any browser of happening across all the browsers?
  • Custom actions are missing in ECB from SharePoint list view/Crow Canyon list view or both?
  1. Thanks for the update on second query.
  2. By default, a custom action is visible in NITRO Forms ribbon if custom action conditions are met. Please add a condition in custom action, example, ‘Column’ is not equal to ‘Yes’. If the column value is set to yes, then this custom action will be hidden from NITRO Forms ribbon.
    1. We can also enable ‘Confirmation Message’ setting for a custom action from action settings. Confirmation box pops up allowing user to confirm or cancel action execution.
  3. Please select item(s) from the list -> Check if custom action is visible in the list view ribbon. Custom actions are visible in list view ribbon after selecting list item(s).
      1. If the actions are still not visible in list view ribbon, then please update NITRO for the site. Go to site settings -> Crow Canyon NITRO Apps (under Site Administration) and follow steps given in below manual (
      2. To remove duplicate actions from display form ribbon, go to site settings -> Crow Canyon NITRO Site Settings (under Site Administration) -> Expand ‘NITRO Utility’ section -> Click ‘Go’ for ‘Manage list level user custom actions’ -> Select the list from ‘List/Web’ drop down -> Delete duplicate actions.

Thanks @james

  1. Nitro version is V2.0.0.53. (SharePoint 2019 On Premise)
    No custom actions in the ECB in either Edge or Chrome
    This is a sharepoint list view - I have never created a Nitro view... when I go to Nitro studio the only link (in the quick launch) for a list view takes me to the help page. When I go to manage a site from the nitro admin page I see tiles for nearly everything except a list view
    UPDATE: If I switch the list to classic view the actions appear both on the list view ribbon and the ECB for a selected item. When I exit classic they disappear.
  2.  No problem.
  3. Thanks, that works well
    a. I did this with simple javascript confirm()  as the first step in the custom action but will look into confirmation messages.
  4. Yep select an item in the (sharepoint) view and the custom action does not appear in the ribbon or ECB for that item. Only on the display form for a given item
    a. Tried this and got the message: "NITRO is already up to date in all activated sites"
    b. Thanks

Hi @jay,

We have tried locally with latest version and do not see this issue, please update NITRO Studio to latest version and check the result.

Navigate to the site -> Site settings -> Crow canyon NITRO Apps (under Site Administration) and refer below manual to update the site.

V2.0.0.69 and still the same. No custom actions on the ECB or list ribbon - only appearing on the display form for a given item