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Get Value of Lookup Column

I am using a Query List to retrieve a value for a variable.   I need to retrieve the value of a lookup column named Category Title.   Instead of just the lookup value of "Printing Issues", the variable is being set with the entire expression value below.

How can I just retrieve the Lookup Value?

Loading Query List items ...
Continue Workflow Execution: "None"
Query item count: 1
Variable: "CategoryRef"
Expression: GetCatsTitle##[Category_x0020_Title]
Expression Value: {"LookupId":7,"LookupValue":"Printing Issues","TypeId":"{f1d34cc0-9b50-4a78-be78-d5facfcccfb7}"}

Hi Matthew,

Please use $formatvalue() function in NITRO workflows to get the lookup value.

Syntax: $formatvalue([Placeholder])

Ex: $formatvalue(GetCatsTitle##[Category_x0020_Title])