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Missing created custom actions


We have some custom actions are missing from the Nitro app around 3:40pm today.   We had a couple of developers working on custom actions at the same time but not on the same custom actions.  Do you have a way to see what happened?

Our company is NJHA.



Hi @slo,

You can review the version history of the Custom Actions file and see who the last person was to make modifications to it. You can also restore a previous version of the file.

First, go to the list settings page for the list from which the Custom Actions disappeared to get the GUID of the list (see screenshot below with the highlighted GUID).

Then navigate to Site Contents -> Site Assets -> CCS -> Custom Actions and find the file with the matching GUID (see second screenshot). Click on the three dots, and then click on Version History. This will bring up all versions of the Custom Actions file for that list, so you can see when the last modifications were made. You can restore the version prior to when the Custom Actions disappeared.

Other than that, unless someone manually deleted the actions by accident, I am not sure how they would disappear. If you are still having difficulty restoring the actions, please contact our support team. Thank you!

Uploaded files:
  • ListGuid.png
  • VersionHistory.png

Thanks for your help!