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Multi text values as separate list items

I'm trying to take a list of items in a multi text value from a List A and use them to create new list items in List B...something similar to using a query and @{CollectionValue} to create a list item for each, except using a multi text column value instead of a query.

I've tried using the $split function but just get a system object returned (see attached) and I've tried just setting a variable with $collectionvalue(,,[field value]), but that just returned an error stating Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Uploaded files:
  • GenericListSystemObject.png

Wondering if there's been any consensus on this?


Please let us know whether multiple lines of text column is using enhanced rich text type input or plain text. Also, please share us sample value of the multiple lines of text column and we can suggest.

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It is a plain text field  and sample text is as follows:
BVS,Concur,nCino,Zoom,Adobe Acrobat,Active Directory,