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NITRO Reports: Report Selection Scrollbar

It would be great to have an option to group or organize the reports within Report Center, or at least have a scrollbar for the report selection section that is separate from the report.  I often find that when I scroll down to select a report (have quite a few) I must then scroll back up to view the selected report itself.

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We will add this feature soon in NITRO Report center and will notify on its release.

We have released this update to NITRO reports to have scroll bar. Please update NITRO Studio for the site and check the result. Please find the steps to update NITRO Studio from

Appreciate the quick implementation but unfortunately I don't see the scroll bar yet in Chrome or Edge, but perhaps it is an issue on my end.
I've upgraded to NITRO version V2.0.0.55 and refreshed cache.  This is not a rush or urgent item, just an FYI status update.