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One to many Form question


I am trying to solve for the following.


I have a list of all of our branches(branch list) and part of that list is a lookup column called region(Region list). Each item in this list is associated to a region.

I also have a list called branch status that looks up to the branch (Branch Status List)

I need a way to build a lookup in the branch status list to grab a region and then have that select all branches associated with that region.


The ultimate goal is to have a form that has a selection by either region (which would select all branches in that region ) OR by selecting the individual branch.


Hi @kevin-dornsouthstatebank-com,

We can configure cascaded lookup settings in ‘Branch’ NITRO lookup column to show filtered values in column drop-down, based on selected ‘Region’ in NITRO Forms.

  • Please navigate to NITRO Forms designer of ‘Branch Status’ list -> Create a NITRO Lookup column pointing to ‘Region’ list as shown -> Drag and drop this column on to the NITRO Form.

<Please refer attached Lookup_1.png and Lookup_2.png>

  • Edit the lookup column pointing to ‘Branch’ list and configure cascaded lookup settings as shown -> Apply the settings.

<Please refer attached Lookup_3.png>

  • Publish NITRO Forms and check the result.


Uploaded files:
  • Lookup_1.png
  • Lookup_2.png
  • Lookup_3.png