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Submit action to send automated email

I may be missing something here... I dragged a submit action to my form and assigned it the send email action and pointed to an email template. Then I saved and published. I created a new list item and saved it but no email. Looking at the ribbon I see  custom action button named the same as my action. I click it and the email turns up.  How can I have this email triggered when the item is first created? Otherwise isn't a submit action the same thing as a custom action?

Hi Jay,

There are no separate actions for Submit action. all the configured Custom Actions will be shown in the Submit action setting in NIRTO Forms designer settings (see screenshot 1).

When we click "Submit" action button in the form, first it will save the item and then invokes the Custom Action that is configured in the submit actin settings in NITRO Forms.

Please let us know if you are able to see custom action pop-up after clicking "Submit" button in NITRO Form. If yes, is it showing action execution for send mail?

If the send mail action is executed, please check and let us know if the email item is created or not in "Send Mails" list.

If you would like disable the custom action in item display form ribbon, please disable "Shown In" option in Custom Action (see screenshot 2 below).

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So the submit action is tied to the submit action button rather than the default save button?
It would be nice if we could hide the "save" button (which we can) but put the submit action button in it's place so the users do not have to scan the form looking for a save/submit button

Hi Jay,

Yes, submit action is associated with submit action button in the form and it is different from the default save button.

To hide the save button, navigate to NITRO Forms designer settings -> Layouts and Theme section and hide the default "Save" button (see screenshot below).

After hiding the default save button, configure two submit actions in NITRO Forms as described below: one for sending mail and other for save button.

1. Submit Action 1: Configure send mail action as needed (this is already configured as per our previous discussion)
2. Submit Action 2: For save button, use "functionCallback()" script in "Pre Save Script Function" in submit action settings
3. Configure show/hide permissions for above submit actions based on the column values, so that users will see only one button on the form based on permissions.

Note: If you would like to execute submit action with send mail always, disregard #2 and #3 above.

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