Troubleshooting issues related to Crow Canyon Advanced Approvals App

Applies To: SharePoint Online Description: This article describes the common issues and fixes related to Crow Canyon Advanced Approvals App. Expected Behavior: If we configure approval setting to read approver from lookup item and if the approver value is blank in the selected lookup item then “Approval Status” sets to “Approved” and sends the approved […]

Troubleshooting steps for Crow Canyon NITRO Applications

Applies To: SharePoint Online and SharePoint OnPremises Description: This article describes troubleshooting steps for Crow Canyon NITRO Forms. Rich text control not wrapping up in the column 401 unauthorized error appearing for NITRO Apps Portal Forms configured for the Tickets list does not appear in NITRO Forms Modal Dialog not opening in Custom Actions and […]

Troubleshooting Steps For Crow Canyon Data Sync Service

This article lists the fixes for common issues in Crow Canyon Data Sync Tool Crow Canyon Data Sync Service Stopping immediately Items from Database do not sync to the SharePoint list Issue Symptom 1: Exception occured while running the Sync Process. Erro Details: Login failed for the user the user ‘User Account’. Cause: SQL authentication […]

How to address “Chrome detected unusual code on this page and blocker it to protect your personal information” error in Google Chrome browser when modifying web part pages?

Applies To: SharePoint Online Description/Symptom: To manage the content like list views, reports, tiles and dials etc. in the workspace pages, we generally edit the page and edit the required web part in the browser. Google Chrome browser may throw exception “Chrome detected unusual code on this page and blocker it to protect your personal […]

How to bulk delete items from SharePoint list?

Bulk delete Items from SharePoint list Applies to: SharePoint Online & On-premises Description: This article describes steps to delete items from Sharepoint list. If there are many items in list and you only want to keep some of them then based on the ID value items can be deleted. SharePoint Online Pre-requisites: 1. SharePoint Online […]

Portal search shows the results as DispForm.aspx

How to eliminate DispForm.aspx in search results of the Portal Search Applies To: SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises Issue: Portal search results shown as DispForm.aspx in the results. See sample screenshot below: Generally, in SharePoint search results, the value present in the Title field will be shown as search results in our Crow Canyon Employee […]

SharePoint Online: Troubleshooting steps for Outgoing emails in Crow Canyon Applications

Outgoing email issues in Crow Canyon SharePoint Online based application Applies to SharePoint Online Issue Recipients are not receiving any notifications from Crow Canyon Application Troubleshooting steps 1. If users are not receiving any auto notifications i.e. Notification on Ticket Creation, Assignment, Completion then verify the users (Requester, Assigned Staff, Notify Staff, Assigned Team etc) […]

Prevent duplicate/continuous ticket creation and auto notification

How to stop duplicate or continuous notifications in SharePoint Online Applies To: SharePoint Online Description: When you have the Crow Canyon Email Sync enabled for creating Tickets in our IT or Work Orders applications, you may sometimes experience an issue where the system sends out multiple emails and/or creates multiple tickets for the same email. The […]

Troubleshooting steps for Custom Actions in Crow Canyon Application

Applies To SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-premises Description This article describes about troubleshooting steps for Crow Canyon Custom Actions. This is a Crow Canyon App/solution and you can refer the features here: Symptom 1 After executing the custom action, custom action pop up window is not closing on clicking “Close” button. Cause (specific to SharePoint […]