Troubleshooting NITRO Forms

Applies To

SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises


This article lists the common issues and fixes that occur in Crow Canyon NITRO Forms.

  1. Part of the Forms functionality is not working
  2. Date/Time format is not in correct format
  3. Attachments are not getting added to the item (for SharePoint OnPremises 2013/16)
  4. Item create/update fails with duplicate values error
  5. Form looks congested with associated items grid
  6. Not able to publish NITRO Forms

Part of the Forms functionality is not working

The Associated item grid does not appear in the NITRO Form and cascaded lookup filters does not work.


This issue can happen if the site URL is changed or the user is using a different host named URL to access the site other than the installed URL.


Please go to each list in the site for which NITRO Forms are configured, go to NITRO Forms –> edit each lookup setting, associated item settings, auto fill user information setting and save the settings once. Repeat this process for New, Edit and display forms and publish the forms. After making the above changes in the NITRO Form settings, click on Reset cache in the form settings and publish the settings.

After publishing the forms, please clear the browser cache and the forms will work as intended now.

Date/Time format is not in correct format

To modify the date time format, go to any list -> List Settings -> Crow Canyon NITRO Forms -> Switch to “Global Settings” tab and modify the Regional Time Settings as required.

Note: This change will be applied to all the lists in that site.


Attachments are not added to the item

Attachments are not added to the item for SharePoint On-Premises (2013 & 2016) and below messages are shown:

1. “Please contact Your administrator to get CCSItemAttachments folder created in Site Assets and grant permissions to upload files.”

2. User is not having the Edit Permission on CCSItemAttachments Folder


This issue can happen if:

#1. “CCSItemAttachments” folder does not exist in the ‘Site Assets’ document library

#2. Or user does not have “Contribute” permission on CCSItemAttachments folder


#1. Activate (deactivate and activate again) “Crow Canyon Forms Attachments” feature in the site. For this, go to Site Settings -> Manage Site Features and activate Crow Canyon Forms Attachments feature

#2. Grant “Contribute” permission on CCSItemAttachments folder for the required users. For this, go to Site Contents -> Site Assets document library -> CCSItemAttachments folder -> ECB menu -> “Shared With” -> Advanced and grant “Contribute” permission level for the user


Item create/update fails with duplicate values error

Item create/update fails due to duplicate values error as shown below

Error details: “the list item could not be added or updated because duplicate values were found in the following fields (s)” in the list:


This issue can happen if “Enforce unique values” setting is enabled for the column shown in the error screenshot.


1. Disable the “Enforce unique values” setting for the column.

Go to List -> List Settings -> Edit column and disable the “Enforce unique values” setting and save.

2. If “Enforce unique values” is the business requirement then we need to specify a unique value for the column for every item while creating/updating items

Form looks congested with associated items grid

This can happen if associated items list view has many columns and one or more columns have multi-line data. With more columns, scroll bar comes up as shown below

Please use one or more of the below options for this situation:

  1. Increase the Form width in the NITRO Form settings
    • Navigate to required list –> list settings –> Crow Canyon NITRO Forms –> Layouts and Theme in left hand side panel –> adjust the Form Width of the NITRO form and publish the settings.

    • Note: We need to configure form width for each form (new/edit/display) as required if separate forms are being used


  1. Modify the columns in associated item list view:

Associated Items grid shows the columns as per the configurations in the list view specified in the associated item column settings. We can modify the view to remove columns that may not be required to show in the grid.

  • Navigate to NITRO Forms configured for the list –> Advanced Section in left hand side panel –> Associated Item Settings –> Edit the required associated item settings to get the view name. See sample screenshot below:

  • Now navigate to the associated list –> List view as mentioned in the above screenshot –> edit the view and remove the columns that are not required


  1. Remove multi-line text columns
    • Typically, description kind of columns have multiple lines of data and that doesn’t look very good in the grid as it increases the height of grid rows as per the data in multiple lines of text columns. Consider removing such columns from the view


  1. We can make use of Crow Canyon Associated item UI settings as shown below to have
    • Vertical grid lines
    • Enable pagination of items
    • Set the width of individual columns

      Note: We need to use the column internal names in the the column width JSON
      Example format: {"Title":{"width":150},"ID":{"width":80}}

    • Show/Hide vertical grid lines as required
    • Pagination:
      • Enable pagination to remove vertical scroll bar and show items in multiple pages. This is useful if associated items number is expected to be large
      • If pagination bar is not required and number of items are not many, then enable vertical scrollbar
  2. We can also move the associated item to a new tab to have more space in case of having multiple associated items and having large content to be displayed on the form
  3. We can configure vertical layout in the tab/section settings as shown below where we have the associated items so that entire form width will be utilized by the associated item grid which makes the form look good.

Not able to publish NITRO Forms

When publishing NITRO forms getting error as shown below:


This issue could happen if scripting capability is not enabled for the site.


Enable scripting capability for the site. Refer instructions from this article

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