SharePoint Online: Troubleshooting steps for Crow Canyon Reports

Applies to: SharePoint Online

1. Symptom: “Send Email” function does not send the email with report to the selected recipients. Also, no error message is shown in the UI.

Cause: Workflows are not configured on ‘CrowCanyonAppsEmails’ list

Details: “Send Email” functionality does not directly send email to the recipients. It creates an item in CrowCanyonAppsEmails list with the required content and report attachment. Crow Canyon Workflows then sends an email based on the report content/image in the list item.

Note: Please make sure that users who will be using this report email functionality have at least “Contribute without delete” permissions on CrowCanyonAppsEmails list. This list is created along with NITRO activation and you can find a link to it in the “Site Contents” page

Fix: Configure workflows on “CrowCanyonAppsEmails” list to send mails to recipients. Refer workflows configuration instructions from:

(In the sample article workflows are configured on “Send Mails” list, please follow the same steps and instead of “Send Mails” list use the “CrowCanyonAppsEmails” list for configuring the mail template and workflows).

Note: For reports, mail is sent with “From” address of the current user. That is mail sender is the logged in user who does the action from UI. Please also refer related article about configuring outgoing emails in workflow manager.


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