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Format Date in Custom Actions

I have a update list action that is doing $strcat(Signed by ,[Modified By|Editor], on ,[Modified|Modified])

Which is giving me the date with time.  I would like to have the date only.  Even if I use the Today function I get the time.  I was wondering if anyone knew away to only get the date.

Thanks for you help


We'd be interested in this also.


We can create a calculated column with date only part of "Modified" column. We can then use this calculated column as parameter in strcat.

To create calculated column, please go to the list -> List Settings -> Create new column and create the column as shown below:

After creating the calculated column, use this column placeholder as parameter in strcat function.

Ex: $strcat(Signed by ,[Modified By|Editor], on ,[ModifiedDate|ModifiedDate])


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@jeckard and @pf-amalin

Another option you have is to use a variable to store the date value of the Modified field. Create a variable called Modified, and set the value to be $parsefieldvalue([Modified|Modified],Dateonly,T).

Then, in the $strcat function, use the variable value for the placeholder, like this: $strcat(Signed by ,[Modified By|Editor], on ,Modified##value)

Let me know if that works for you.

This worked for my needs.  Just so others know you can also format the date field in the presave script actionon the Nitro form as well and then have it update a field value.

I attempted to do this $parsefieldvalue([Modified|Modified],Dateonly,T). using the {Today} and it did not work in Crow Canyon workflow.  How can I get todays date just date not time.


We can use $formatvalue({today}/[DateColumn],Types) to get date only value from date and time column. Types supported are DateSite and DateTimeSite. We can set this in a variable and use this further in $strcat() function as needed.

Example: $formatvalue([Created|Created],DateSite)

Output: 03/20/2020