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Use associated item data on a report

I have two lists.  The first one holds employee information for the week - name/date of week start/week id.  The second list holds the detailed - week id/tasks/projects/hours for the week.

In the first list there is an associated items column for the details.

I want to create a report that is filtered by the week and shows the projects and hours for the week.  I want to do this in a pie chart.  Currently I have created a chart from the detail list that displays the data I want but I cannot filter it by the week.

Is there away to do this?  I would also like to do something similar with tiles/dials to create a dashboard.

Just to clarify I am looking to see if I can add a drop down list that contains the information we have in a list called Weeks.  When the item is selected the data in the charts associated with the list should filter based on the selection.







  1. We can filter the report in real time with ‘Report Filter’ present in report toolbar. Please refer ‘Report Filter’ from below manual:

  1. Please refer below article to configure a report on current week items: