NITRO Studio Version Release Notes

Other than a few minor bug fixes to NITRO Workflows and NITRO Forms, the biggest release this week comes from Custom actions.

NITRO Custom Actions

In our Query List action, when using a lookup as your filter for the query, you could only use a single item lookup. Multi-item lookups were not supported. This version fixes that by supporting a few new formula types for managing the multi-item lookup.

For getting values based on the ID of the user or item in the lookup you can use the following formulas:

·  multiid:%%$lookupid([Issue Type|Issue_x0020_Type])%%

·  multiid:%%$lookupid([Assigned Team|AssignedTeam])%%

For getting values based on the display name of the user or item, you can use the following forulas:

·  multivalue:%%$parsefieldvalue([Issue Type|Issue_x0020_Type],value)%%

·  multivalue:%%$parsefieldvalue([Assigned Team|AssignedTeam],value)%%