NITRO Studio Version Release Notes

NITRO Studio Version encompasses a few bug fixes that provide significant value.


If you have a NITRO Forms lookup field pointing to a Document Library, you were previously only able to see documents in the root folder. We have now fixed this to add support to see documents in nested folders.


We fixed a bug where a child lookup column was not loading if the parent lookup column was deleted. This only impacted lookup columns that had the cascading feature enabled.

Custom Actions


Using @{CollectionValue} in column mappings was returning a ‘null’ value. We have fixed this to bring in the actual value of the @{CollectionValue} variable. The @{CollectionValue} variable can be used when mapping items from a field containing multiple values. For instance, if you query a list item and that list item has multiple people in a Person or Group field, you can use the @{CollectionValue} to create a task for each person. It sort of acts as a loop, but only within the context of that one field with multiple values in it.


Email Sync


In some cases, if an email is received into a list, it can trigger a workflow. However, if that workflow also sent an email to the configured email address in Email Sync settings, it would create a recursive loop. We have introduced a feature in Email Sync to disallow processing of emails sent via NITRO Apps and Workflows.


NITRO Workflows


The $parsefieldvalue() function was returning dates as per the UTC time zone. You can now add the parameter of “sitedateonly” to return the date as per your site’s settings.


Using the Generate Document actions was failing for PDFs where the underlying HTML contained a <br> tag. We have fixed this to support the <br> tag for generating PDFs.